DASH - 4" Diameter Seedling Bowl - Purple & Red Earthenware Clay

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A purple seedling pot with a hand-carved "Dash" illustrated pattern. The interior of this red earthenware pot is given a clear coat of glaze for added durability. This item is perfect for adding a little touch of greenery to any surface, whether you're propagating a succulent cutting or starting a new plant from seed. Once your plant outgrows its home, transplant and start a new one! Group together with other pots and different succulents, herbs, and cactuses to create a little garden in any room of your home. Each pot contains a hole for drainage.

Measures approximately 4" diameter x 2" deep. Hand wash.

Please note that you are buying a handmade product, meaning these pieces are one-of-a-kind and will vary slightly from the original listing photo.