Large Black & White Glazed Hanging Planter w/ Hand-Carved "Directional Line" Design - Plant Hanger - Hanging Basket - Indoor Garden - Pot

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****PLEASE NOTE: Due to COVID-19 related supply shortages, weve changed our stringing material to a 2mm brown, round-leather cord. We think that the aesthetic and durability are much better suited for our planters than the hemp-alternative option we were able to source.****

Help your houseplant feel at home in this unique ceramic hanging planter. Patterns of contrasting black and white are a beautiful complement to any plant placed inside this artful vessel. The bright white clay has been painted with a velvety black underglaze, carved with a "Directional Line" pattern in the technique of sgraffito, and painted inside and out with a clear coat of glaze for durability and easy cleaning. This planter contains three small holes in the bottom for drainage and is strung with a durable leather cord (replace as necessary, colors may vary). This piece is handmade, and measures approximately 8"x8"x4". Hand wash.

Please be aware that you are buying a handmade product, meaning these pieces are one-of-a-kind and will vary slightly from the original listing photo based on process and materials available.