STRIPE - 8" Diameter Hanging Planter - Glazed Blue & Red Earthenware Clay

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This vibrant blue and red earthenware hanging planter with a hand-carved "Stripe" design is the perfect home for a group of succulents, cacti, air plants, herbs, or any small houseplant. Especially attractive with vining plants that trail over the side and add more vertical greenery to any space. This handbuilt pot is created with red earthenware clay that had been rolled and thrown into a slab, laid over a mold, shaped and smoothed, and then painted and carved in the technique of sgraffito. The planter is then fired for permanence with a glossy clear glaze. This planter contains three holes for drainage and hangs from three strands of durable leather cord (replace as necessary with natural weathering). Place the planter over a bowl and water until the soil is drenched, hang directly over your sink and spray occasionally, or plant a low-water plant inside and spritz the soil with a water bottle. Hang from rods, hooks, or any durable hanger.

Measures approximately 8" diameter x 4" deep. Hand wash.

Please be aware that you are buying a handmade product, meaning these pieces are one-of-a-kind and will vary slightly from the original listing photo.