Booking : Paint - A - Pot

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Looking for a relaxing, creative, and social way to spend a few hours in the heart of the River Arts District? Come decorate your own piece of functional pottery at an adorable creative studio inside one of Asheville's most historic buildings : The Asheville Cotton Mill. The historic Cotton Mill, built in 1887, is now home to a variety of studios, galleries, a Cuban food truck, and bars, providing an inspiring backdrop to enjoy a drink, lunch, and some creative fun!

-Guests get two hours to design and paint their own ceramic "blank" and can choose from a wide variety of pre-fired pottery pieces like bowls, mugs, planters, plates, and more, with curated options and even pieces made in our West Asheville production studio.

-Booking via our site gets you a piece with a $30 or less value *overages refunded in-person, or, if a more expensive piece is desired the difference can also be paid in person, a reserved time so you are sure to get a seat, and free shipping (also reimbursable for Asheville locals)!

-A wide range of colors and brush styles are available and our staff is here to help you achieve the design you're going for! Let us clean up, add a top coat of glaze, fire, and ship the piece to your home (pick-up also available for locals).

- Private party booking after-hours by request