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Bright Yellow & Terracotta Hanging Planter with Sgraffito "Leaf" Design - Bright Yellow Plant Hanger - Indoor Hanging Pot - Handmade Planter

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Enhance your home dcor and up your indoor plant game with this handcrafted vibrant yellow and red earthenware hanging planter. Each piece is uniquely formed and painted with a hand-carved finish for long-lasting beauty. Made with durable leather cords and a drainage hole so your plants will thrive. Water and maintain your piece by hanging from an s-hook or something similar and take down to water by placing over a sink or container. Once the planter has drained, simply rehang and enjoy. Low-water plants are encouraged, but hardy plants, propagated cuttings, or any small starter plant will fit perfectly inside. Measures approximately 6"x6"x4.5".,